Loneliness, Love & Leave

by The Zuni Mountain Boys

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released May 14, 2015

Recorded in Nashville, TN
Recorded and Mixed by Shannon Brunet
Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering
Album Art and Photography ny John Tyler Norton
Produced by The Zuni Mountain Boys
All Songs Written, Arranged, & Performed by The Zuni Mountain Boys



all rights reserved


The Zuni Mountain Boys New York

The Zuni Mountain Boys are an acoustic Americana duo based out of Brooklyn, NY. Their songs are narrative, delivering a blend of roots music reminiscent of John Prine, Ryan Adams, and even Raymond Carver.

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Track Name: New Mexico
I’ve lived in London, New York City, and Rome,
but none of those places ever felt like home.
I’m in this hotel room, too lonesome to cry.
What I’d give to watch lightening
burn a southwest sky.

I miss the ponderosa. I miss all the stars.
I miss the margaritas at the 49er Lounge Bar.
Clouds hang low here. It all looks so grey.
It’s enough to make anybody feel this way.

I don’t know if I can take one more night alone
in this hotel room.
Street lights shine,
the stars are gone.
I’m going crazy out here and I want to go home.
New Mexico

If I was back there, south of Santa Fe,
I would make it back to Gallup at the end of the day.
I would sit there, at the 49er Lounge,
just drinking margaritas as the sun goes down.

I’m in this hotel room, too lonesome to cry.
What I’d give to watch lightening
burn a southwest sky.
Track Name: Dead Pawn
I thought I might have seen
your gold wedding ring
at a pawn shop out on 66.
The man behind the counter described
the girl that brought it in,
right then I knew that you weren’t coming back.

I went out to the parking lot,
I lit a cigarette,
and I thought about the rings in that glass case.
The things we leave behind,
in silver and in gold,
are not the things we wish we could replace.

Sitting right here on my own
I can’t help but feel like that dead pawn,
just one more thing that
you have left behind.

I pulled out of the parking lot,
And left the ring behind.
Drove past the diner where I first met you.
Where you served me coffee,
and then we shared a cigarette.
Those are the things I’ll always hold on to.

There’s no glass case for the love I gave you.
I don’t know where it goes to when it’s gone.
And I know that I won’t find the answer
looking through a glass case of dead pawn,
looking through a glass case of dead pawn.
Track Name: When I'm Drunk
I woke up today in someone else’s bed
and I don’t know her name.

I felt more alone waking up there with her
than I do on my own.
You felt that way too
when it was just me and you.
How awful was that?
I’ve been drunk for so long
the things I’ve done wrong are
easier to hold.

Tail lights burn red
like the end of the my cigarette.
You think I’m drunk now,
you should stick around a bit,
see how bad I get.
When I’m drunk I don’t dream.
That’s a beautiful thing.
When I’m drunk I don’t dream.
That’s a beautiful thing.
Because they’d all be of you,
and they’d all,
they’d all sting the same way.

I thought I heard you come home
like a ghost through the hall again late last night.
The windows shook in the storm
like the bones in your hands
I don’t hold anymore.
The wind called out your name
like an old lost refrain to some old gospel song
I hear over and.
Track Name: Greyhounds & Picture Frames
There’s a woman holding a photograph.
On the table is broken glass and a frame.
All the faces are smiling back at her
in a morning much too cold for fall.
In that still moment
is when she realized
why no one hangs bad memories on the wall.

A younger man is waiting patiently
for an elevator to take him all the way.
There is someone riding next to him
and he sees them every single day.
All the buttons light up like slot machines
as the ground moves further away.
As the doors open on the sixteenth floor
the simplest thing is impossible to say.

On a Greyhound bus a baby’s crying,
and it’s all she knows how to do.
She’ll grow old, learn all kinds of words,
like loneliness, love, and leave.
All the words in this whole world
can’t explain the things that bring us to our knees.
Oh, and crying just seems easier to me.
Crying just seems easier to me.
Track Name: It's Still New York City
The way you remember a feeling after it’s no longer there
is the way that a match looks when it’s black,
after the flame’s disappeared.

It started when I drove through Kansas.
Missouri filled my heart with stones.
And when I got to Nashville it started to rain.
I could feel it seep into my bones.

Drove all night from Atlanta,
crossed the bridge, and I know
it’s not home, but
it’s still New York City,
and there’s always a place to go.

Now I’m back in this city, I’m standing on Avenue B.
The cabs all turn over as it starts to rain.
Gallup feels so far from me.

Being back here feels different
but it all looks exactly the same.
The subway still runs
through this city, like blood,
with metal and concrete for veins.